True Stories about Recovery from Addiction

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I have never had this much consecutive clean time since I was 8 year old . almost 5 years ago I was a little over 2 years clean. And made a poor choice and went back out for no more than 6 hours.. Friends from the 12 step program and my wife took me out of the trailer park. Brought me back home took me to a meeting. . I clearly remember feeling so Defeated. Full of shame and guilt. All that seems so far behind me. One thing is for sure it's strengthened my program. my belief In my higher power . And my ability to pause when I think it might be a good idea to get loaded. That pause button has been my saving grace in all situations in areas of my life may think about doing something stupid taking a moment to pause and remember how it may hurt someone else.. Recovery can you feel it? I can.

                         ~Matt Bradley

                          Three days  before his new 5th birthday

Matt Bradley and his wife Angela Shook, our newest Board Members