Here is how it works.

A residence designed for you.

This is a home for people with goals who want to make changes in their lifestyle.  It is designed for people who suffer from addictions, homelessness, financial problems or legal problems. We do not accept people who cannot provide a clean UA into our home.  Most residents who have addiction issues come here after completing detox.  

No drug or alcohol use is allowed, including prescription opiod substitutes and medically-prescribed or recreational marijuana.  

The atmosphere is supportive.  You will learn how to help your housemates reach their goals, while learning how to reach your own.

Everyone provides their own food, often purchased with SNAP ebt, and frequently residents get together to share meals and meal preparation.

You will be expected to be tidy, make your bed, and contribute to housekeeping as a member of the household.

You will be expected to be supportive in your interactions with others.  This is not the place for people who like to make trouble.

If you are in recovery from addiction, you will be required to pass a drug test before moving in, and document your participation in at least four 12-step meetings a week. 

Everyone is required to work with their peer counselor to write a set of personal goals and work toward them consistently.  Whether your primary goal is to find employment, go back to school or get your kids back, you will find support from our managers and your housemates.

Many of our residents find they feel they are in a new 'family.'  You will find your new home to be safe, supportive and friendly.

You must pay your rent on time each month, whether than means coordinating with the appropriate social service agency, donors, or paying your own rent.

You will sign an agreement that if you are suspected of drug or alcohol use, you must pass a UA or other test to be allowed to stay.  If you are found to be using drugs or alcohol, you will be required to leave immediately.  This is one of the many policies we have that make our homes safe for everyone involved.